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The main features of Flat Glass Software TutiCad, that will accelerate your business are listed below.

  • The ability to enter measurements quickly and practically without touching the mouse.
  • Print your glass and double glazing labels according to size order.
  • Simultaneously temper on a glass, lapping, bevel, hole, culvert, duct, bonding, etc. add transactions and pricing.
  • You can eliminate the process of re-measurement by direct transfer of the measures to be produced to the optimization program (Opty-Win etc.).
  • You can add an automatic percentage difference to the price of the lower and lowered windows with less than 20%.
  • Preventing errors from price's uncalculated measurements, by adding color difference or processing.
  • In addition to glass, the possibility of entering PVC windows and other items.
  • In addition to the total square meters and the number of orders entered; Calculating the elements that make a difference in the cost such as meter and meter per meter.
  • Possibility of casting reports in different formats for orders confirmation, production, accounting registration and delivery etc.
  • Possibility of access to all information from multiple computers with multi-user infrastructure including admin and normal users.
  • Possibility to see who has entered and changed which order.
  • All orders can be viewed in one screen with the details and easily search the desired order.
  • Possibility of defining and grouping the orders in the form of Proposal, Approval, Production, Ready / In-Stock, Delivered.
  • The order status in the order list can be selected at a glance together with colored columns.
  • Easy follow-up and approval of orders entered into production order and accounting with production tracking and accounting tracking screens.
  • Identification and pricing of all glass raw materials used.
  • Personnel registration and permission follow-up
  • Define current accounts and follow up balance.
  • The total prices of the square meters and the number of products in all orders entered together with the average prices.


It is also important for the motivation of the employee to be as simple as a software. Tuticad is user-friendly with a designer's design and a variety of customizable theme options.

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