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TutiCad is an automation program developed by TutiMedya for companies operating in the Glass sector.

This software, which I see as a synthesis of the Communication Design and MBA trainings that I have received with my years of experience in our family tradition of glass making, continues to be developed day by day by keeping up with the needs of the sector and the era.  

The responsibilities I took in our glass company, which gained experience in the private sector, led me to take the education I did not take over my profession and finally change my shape. I ended my work on the other companies in TutiMedya with the need to allocate more time to our own glass company and I concentrated on all our advertising works on our own glass company, Avcıoğlu Cam. Due to the fact that I concentrated all my savings on our glass company, I had the opportunity to see the requirements in the production processes, and as a manager from the glass sector, I took the first step for TutiCad with my sectoral knowledge and knowledge not in other software companies.                                           

How did TutiCad start?

Those who have been in the glass industry for years and found in the production stages of the modern industry know the importance of high production speed, efficiency and traceability. I have the knowledge and experience of not having too many people in the sector about what a boss would want and how an employee would feel because I had the opportunity to work from the lowest point to the highest position in this sector. For this reason, I have produced various solutions over the years, increasing the production speed, reporting and making more clear cost extraction. I have reworked the pre-accounting processes to improve the order tracking and the efficiency of the production processes. When these studies have reached the peak, I started to work as a programmer in order to implement my work in the most effective way because I want more and more in line with our needs. As a result TutiCad appeared.

TutiCad, which is used at the same time in our own glass company and developed at the same time, is being tested from the first eye and is one step ahead of its rivals in eliminating the deficiencies and adding new features. The needs of the sector are analyzed every day and a new one is added to its properties. 

What are our goals?

TutiCad software has been developed in order to provide solutions to all your needs such as order entry, order reporting and tracking, fast optimization, inventory control, personnel and quality records of medium and large enterprises operating in the glass sector. For the effective use of these functions, it was aimed to increase the motivation of the employees by taking care of current design and practical use. In addition, it is TutiCad's primary goal to be continuously expandable and to remove the industry's computing burden alone. 


You need to target the success and profitable step in the glass sector and you should stop by new ideas and solutions every day to reach the goals of the companies that prefer us. The software sector, which is the sine qua non of our age which is introduced with the information age, is the advantage provided by my experience in the direct glass sector. If you are available to take advantage of this difference; We are as far away as a phone call.

Tuğhan Avcı